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Women are definitely not the only ones who place a high value on looking good, men are also very much aware of physical beauty and are now frequently looking at different options to change the way they look and feel by taking a plastic surgery holiday in Phuket Thailand. Feeling like “The Man” is very normal since everyone wants to look young, fit and beautiful. Men have their own set of issues but surprisingly many of them are quite similar to women’s. Like most women, men too want a tight ripped body, trimmer waistline, younger looking skin and rejuvenated looking face.

The cosmetic surgery procedures for men and women are almost the same and it only differ technically in their implementation, because men usually have thicker skin and more hair on their bodies. Also, for men the need for blood supply is slightly greater. In a normal male plastic or cosmetic surgery in Phuket, there are slightly higher risks of bleeding after the surgery and the healing process can also be a little slower when compared to females.


Common Phuket Plastic Surgeries for Men

Chin implants and Ear Surgery – This may come as a surprise but men get ear correction surgery and chin implants so they can have a stronger looking face. A masculine jawline can easily give a man confidence since they will somehow appear more aggressive. To achieve this, silicone will be inserted through the mouth or under the chin so that the scars won’t be visible.

Rhinoplasty – Nose jobs for Men are common because a lot of men have their noses broken due to accidents in sports. This operation is done through the inside of the nose; a cut will be made inside and nostrils to allow the bones and cartilage to be altered.


Liposuction and Tummy Tucks– Men tend to really be self conscious about their love handles and bulging stomachs. This procedure is pretty straight forward. A tube will be inserted in the problematic area of the body, the tube is moved around to suck out the unwanted fat. We also offer Tummy Tucks for Men, Advanced Vaser Hi-Definition for Men and BodyTite RFAL liposculpting for men that allow instant 6-pack definition.

Male Chest Reduction or Gynecomastia– Having Male boobs is embarrassing and we have a way to fix it permanently in Phuket. Gynecomastia surgery can be done via surgical excision or using minimally invasive laser liposuction.

Hair Regeneration and Hair Transplants – Got some balding spots on your head? Dont want to deal with toupees or wigs? No problem! We offer affordable hair transplants in Phuket using the latest in hair regeneration techniques that will help you get back to the barber shop in no time.