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Welcome To Plastic Surgery Holidays in Phuket

Our experienced reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons have been serving international patients from Australia,New Zealand,United  Kingdom,Canada, United States and South and East Asia of over 20 years combined. Our approved treatment facilitates in Phuket offers simple yet effective treatments using the latest surgical and non-surgical techniques that international clientele demand. Phuket Plastic Surgery was created to serve the distinct needs of our international patients seeking to have aesthetic holidays in Phuket.

Who We Are

To provide our International Clients the highest quality medical treatments in Phuket Island from the best doctors. We aim to help you achieve results that revive your bodies and spirit. Come as you are…Leave as you Wish!
Our approved Phuket plastic surgeons perform aesthetic surgery with a very keen and discerning eye with a meticulous dedication to proportion and balance. Our doctors are continuously striving to obtain the best overall results while meeting and exceeding our patientâ??s expectations. With each procedure over the last 20 years, Phuket plastic surgeons have been delivering positive transformations though youthful and rejuvenating results from their skilled approach to aesthetic surgical solutions anywhere in Thailand.
Whether you are looking for a total facial rejuvenation, or reshaping your breasts or nose, or tighten saggy skin, remove all excess fat in your body, contour your hips and thighs or to correct mistakes from previous surgeries or to simply correct a birth defect, The wide range of medical procedures available at our centers in Phuket and Bangkok can help you quickly get the look you want for a price you can afford.
Most of our patients arrive via Phuket International Airport from virtually all corners of this world. Phuket Aesthetics have perfected the cosmetic “fly-in” makeovers, making it affordable and realistic solution for men and women of all backgrounds. Fly in to Phuket with a loved one or alone. Our knowledgeable english speaking cosmetic specialists will guide you through the simple process to ensure comprehensive care during your short but pleasant makeover vacation experience.

Our Surgical Specialties

Breast Augmentation 90
Liposuction 95
Face and Necklifts 85
Dental and Wellness Vacations 80

Our Happy Clients