Ear Correction Surgery Prices |Otoplasty Pinnaplasty Doctor Reviews

/Ear Correction Surgery Prices |Otoplasty Pinnaplasty Doctor Reviews
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If you were born with protruding “bat” ears or disfigured,unsightly or not very shapely ears then having otoplasty or pinnaplasty surgery during a short holiday in Phuket may be a solution.

Ear position and shapes can be corrected on men, women and even children eight years or older. The primary objective of ear surgery like otoplasty or pinnaplasty is to permanently recontouring your ear cartilage. Our internationally accredited and skilled Phuket cosmetic surgeons can help sculpt and reshaping your ear cartilage through tiny incisions that will be invisible and only on the back area of the ears.


You don’t have to feel bad about your looks when you look at yourself in the mirror any longer. Having low self esteem is not a good thing you don’t have to put up with the reason why.

Otoplasty or also known as ear surgery can help improve the shape of your ear in less than 1 hour. We can also correct any defects suffered from injuries or previous surgeries to change the proportion of your ears.

Who Can Have Ear Surgery in Phuket

Anyone older than 8 years old can have otoplasty in Phuket. Children will however need parent approval and supervision before and after any surgery.Our doctors can also correct damage caused by “gauging” or cosmetic ear hole correction surgery.


Four Basic Steps of Otoplasty

Otoplasty basically has four steps. Knowing what to expect doing the actual procedure helps you in numerous ways to prepare yourself. After all, this is still a surgical procedure so its very important that you know the entire process.

First, our Board Certified Thai doctors will use local anesthesia (general anesthesia for multiple areas ) to keep you sedated for the short 1-2 hour surgery (per ear).