Ear Correction Surgery Prices |Otoplasty Pinnaplasty Doctor Reviews

/Ear Correction Surgery Prices |Otoplasty Pinnaplasty Doctor Reviews
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After the necessary medication have started taken hold, the incision process starts by careful surgical manipulation to correct any misshapes or deformities. Depending on the type of damage or deformity diagnosed by the doctors, they will either increase your antihelical fold or reduce your conchal cartilage.Once our doctors have completed the procedure they will close up the tiny incisions, with Bio-safe stitches that close those incisions and begin the healing process.


After Surgery Recovery:

There is very little downtime after ear surgery and you will be fully monitored in a state-of-the-art medical recovery room at our surgery center in Phuket. Most patients are able to walk about normally the next day after surgery. We do however caution that all surgical incisions require proper care and should not have ANY exposure to water or heat/direct sunlight. The healing process varies patient to patient but generally most patients begin to enjoy their new look after just a few days. The time required in Phuket for ear correction surgery and proper follow-ups is 7 days. This surgery in minimally invasive and will not require overnight hospital stay.

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Benefits of Having Ear Surgery in Phuket Thailand

Just like any other plastic surgery we offer such as facelifts,breast augmentation,rhinoplasty ,eyelid surgery,liposuction and tummy tucks, there are several benefits that you can derive from surgery in Phuket. For one, you get to improve your over-all look in the privacy and comfort of a tropical paradise. Secondly you can have the look you have always wanted for 35%-50% less than you would pay for the same surgery back home. The savings alone are more than enough to pay for your entire stay (hotels+flights+meal + 7 nights in Phuket). Only you have the power to make the necessary changes that you want especially to your face since any ear deformities can negatively affect your look. With the help of our quality surgeons in Phuket, you get to bring back that confidence in as little as 1 week. Read our recent testimonials yourself.

Find the Best Plastic Surgeon Facility in Phuket

To schedule a complimentary virtual consultation our doctors will need to understand your exact needs via some recent pictures and a short medical history record that outlines any current medications or previous surgeries. Once our doctors understand your needs we can provide you with no-hassle fixed prices for your surgery along with optional hotel and transportation package for you and a guest. Never settle for less. Phuket plastic surgery center is an expert on corrective ear surgery,otoplasty and pinnplasty ear reshaping in Thailand. To learn more, please contact us today.

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