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For women, having huge breasts can definitely be considered an asset. In Fact,breast enlargement with implants is the most popular treatment offered at the cosmetic surgery center of Phuket. Men however don’t care for having a robust chest. Having man boobs is a traumatic circumstance for millions of men around the world today. Gynaecomastia is essentially enlarged male breast tissue that affect their self-image and masculinity. Thanks to modern medicine such a condition does not need to be tolerated any longer. Our doctors in Phuket are internationally accredited and have mastered the art of cosmetic surgery for men along with achieving great results for male breast reduction using surgical excision or gynaecomastia liposuction.

What Causes Man Boobs

The condition where a man experiences having large than normal breasts is also known as gynaecomastia. Men with protruding breasts may seem common in some places these days, but there many men who are very self-consious about their breast size especially when they compare then to the average size. There are several reasons why a man would experience having abnormally large breast tissue.


Most people would say that the primary cause for this condition would be obesity. Yet, this is definately not the only cause. Like women, men can also experience hormone imbalances that can result in the abnormal growth of the breast tissue. Apart from having hormone imbalance, your daily lifestyle and eating habits can also cause enlarged male breasts. Other causes of gynaecomastia include too much drinking of alcohol, drug abuse, cancer, drastic weight loss and congenital abnormalities.

Male Breast Reduction Treatment Options

Men who want to get rid of this condition have a few options to reduce the breast size. If the enlarged breast tissue is caused by obesity then you should change your eating habits and try to adopt a healthy lifestyle to lose the weight naturally and over time. But for serious cases or those wanting quick results, you should consider having male breast reduction surgery or gynaecomastia liposuction in Phuket.

Gynaecomastia Surgery Procedure

Surgical excision and liposuction are the two best ways to reduce male breasts. The surgery is typically reserved for more serious cases but both options can help you get rid of your man boobs. The surgical procedure takes about 1 to 2 hours and is generally perfumed under general anesthesia.Once the sedation has taken hold, our cosmetic surgeons in Phuket start the short treatment by making small incisions using micro-surgical techniques to remove the excess fat tissues in the breast areas. In some cases, surgeons may have to reposition the nipples to bring back balance, especially so moderate to severe cases that