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require large quantities of tissues and/or fat to be removed. After your male breast reduction surgery, you will need to stay at our hospital overnight. The next day you will be released to allow recovery in your hotel. You will have to return for a followup checkup 5 to 6 days after surgery. After your followup is complete you will be released and can return back to your home country as a new man with a new body. Male breast reduction is often combined with other treatments such as a tummy tuck,facelift, ear correction surgery and nose surgery for a total cosmetic surgery makeover for men.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Prices in Phuket

Prices for male breast reduction using surgical excision or liposuction vary greatly. Typically chest liposuction is the least invasive and most affordable options however many men simply do not qualify or are not ideal candidates for breast reduction with liposuction. The cost for having gynaecomastia surgery in Phuket starts at about $2500 Dollars. This price is a general estimate and includes all fees,taxes,doctors fees,1 night stay at a local hospital in Phuket along with a full time nurse and meals. This price does not include airfare to Phuket or cost of hotels before and after your treatment. To get a fixed discounted price along with package options that includes hotel and ground transportation in Phuket, our doctors will need to understand your needs through a virtual consultation. To request a virtual consultation, please contact us today.

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The Results | A New Beach Body

In just a few weeks after your surgery in Phuket, you can begin to fully enjoy your new flat chest. Men suffering through this condition for a long time often find greet the results as an overwhelming sign of relief. Years of self-conscious behavior will cease to exist with just a 1 week holiday to Phuket.  To learn more about gynaecomastia surgery in Phuket or to apply to have chest reduction liposuction please contact us today.

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