Fabulous Facelifts in the Privacy of Phuket

/Fabulous Facelifts in the Privacy of Phuket
Fabulous Facelifts in the Privacy of Phuket 2017-09-15T10:06:21+00:00

With all the stress and the responsibilities of life it’s usually just too difficult to stay feeling fresh and healthy. No matter how we take care of ourselves, we cannot avoid the natural process of mother nature. As we get older and older, certain changes start to take place, starting most visibly with the quality of our skin. Over time, our soft skin starts to decline in elasticity along with its vitality and youthful glow.

For many people around the world, they dread having to look at their face in the mirror with all those fine lines and wrinkles. After all, no person wants to look old. Thankfully, there are means for you to improve your aesthetic appearance in the privacy of Phuket Island. Almost everyone can choose to undergo surgical and non-surgical facelift procedures to look young once again.

Lifestyle lifts in Thailand

Over the past decade, the most popular cosmetic procedures in Thailand have been liposuction and facelifts. A facelift or rhytidectomy as its medically called is performed on men and women visiting Phuket in hopes of bringing back the youthful look of their skin. Those looking to rejuvenate their face should definitely try the rhytidectomy facelift or facelifts without surgery using lasers such as Ulthera,Thermage CPT or Thread Lifts,Liquid facelifts,Vampire Facelift or the newest stem cell facelift. Phuket surgery has something for everyone depending on your specific needs, time and budget constraints.

Ideal Candidates for Facelifts in Phuket

In general, surgery should only be used as the last defense. Surgical rhytidectomy cannot be performed multiple times so we always recommend using non-surgical options if possible. Older men and women however may require facelift surgery if non-surgical alternatives cannot give them the lift they need.

If you have lost a lot of facial skin elasticity, you should consider having facelift surgery in Phuket Island plastic surgery center. Those with fine lines and wrinkles all over their face and neck can also have a facelift. Loose neck and chins can also be treated simultaneously to eliminate facial and neck sagging in a short cosmetic holiday to Thailand.

Rhytidectomy Surgery Risks and Rewards

All surgeries carry risk. Risk can be greatly reduced through proper selection of doctors and treatment facilities. We only with work internationally accredited medical facilities in Phuket.

During your initial consultation, you will be able to discuss your hopes and wishes along with touring the facilities. Surgical facelift surgery will require general anesthesia. Non-surgical facelifts will require topical or no anesthesia depending on the type and technique used.

During the procedure, your neck and head will be wrapped securely with dressings. After one of out board certified facelift surgeons in Phuket completes the procedure, you will be provided a private area with dedicated nurse to help start your recovery after facelift surgery. The recovery period will differs from one person to another but expect to spend 1-2 weeks in Phuket depending on the technique and areas needing treatment.

At the early stages of you recovery, you may experience minor discomfort. Our treatments do include optional pain medications to better manage any discomfort.

After 7 to 10 days, the doctors will remove your sutures. After 10 to 20 days, your bruising and swelling will have subsided. The final results will take some time but expect full results 4 to 6 weeks after the facelift procedure in Phuket.

Before After Facelift Surgery