Fabulous Facelifts in the Privacy of Phuket

/Fabulous Facelifts in the Privacy of Phuket
Fabulous Facelifts in the Privacy of Phuket 2017-09-15T10:06:21+00:00

More Benefits of Facelift Surgery in Phuket

In two words, Prices and Privacy. The cost of cosmetic surgeries such as breast enlargement,Rhinoplasty,eyelid surgery,ear correction surgery, Rhytidectomy and non-surgical in Phuket is often 30%-60% less than the prices in other modern medical centers such as Australia,Uk and North America. Phuket Center for plastic surgery is a reality for thousands of men and women just like you who are looking for a good doctor at an affordable price. Its never been this cheap to look young again.


After Surgery Care

Please note that surgery, sun and sand don’t mix. Your primary purpose for your trip should be focused around having a successful facelift surgery. Water and sun are a magnet for infections so please avoid all water sports and beach behaviour. Please follow all the guidelines we provide without compromise to avoid any unnecessary risks. We shall provide you with detailed pre and post surgical instructions after the doctors have reviewed and accepted your treatment request.

Face lift surgery Prices in Phuket


We offer several types of facelift for Women and cosmetic surgery options for men along with other areas associated for a total makeover holiday in Phuket. Treatments include:

  • Coronal Brow and Forehead Lifts
  • Full Face Lift   – Partial Facelifts
  • Full Neck Lift
  • Full Face & Neck Lift
  • Full Forehead lift, Full Face lift, and Full Neck lift
Recommended Trip Length For Facelifts in PHUKET (days after surgery)
  • Surgical Facelifts will require 1-2 weeks in Phuket
  • No Surgery Facelifts require from 1 -5 nights in Phuket

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