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Facelifts, Eyelids and Necklifts – Surgical and non-surgical face,neck and hand lifts help you turn back the clock to your younger days. In as little as 7-10 nights in Bangkok we can help you change for the better in the privacy of Phuket. Remember, No one has to know!

Good Candidates for Having Surgery

The fountain of youth and beauty has been sought after for centuries and it has only been now possible to achieve all of it. Any healthy man can undergo cosmetic surgery center of Phuket as long as they have no underlying medical conditions that will prevent surgery or travelling to Thailand and are physically and mentally prepared. We offer virtual consultations before you arrive to Thailand so our doctors can understand your exact needs and give us a fixed price with multiple area discounts. Once you arrive, a face-to-face consultation will take place with one of our board accredited plastic surgeons in Phuket well before having any surgery so that you can get comfortable with your doctor,tour the facilities, ask questions and voice any concerns that you may have.


Cosmetic Surgery for Men Before and After

If you are unhappy with the way you look and have the financial means to do something about it, then you owe it to yourself to change. Looking and feeling better about yourself is not a crime. Surgery in Phuket has been a fantastic opportunity for thousands of men from around the world. Our experienced surgeons understand your needs and care genuinely about helping you get back your confidence and self esteem. The cost for plastic surgery for men will depend on the areas you are treating but you can rest assured knowing prices in Phuket are generally 30%-55% less than the same cosmetic procedures for men in countries like Australia,Russia,United Kingdom and the United States. Don’t mistake cheap prices with cheap quality. Our doctors are internationally trained and stand behind their work 100%. We Guarantee ALL our Work! 


Finding the Best Doctors in Phuket

With so many hospitals and clinics in Phuket and Thailands offering cosmetic surgeries, it is important to find the best amongst the best. Our Focus is on the quality of surgeon first followed by price second. We may not offer the cheapest prices for cosmetic surgery in Thailand, but we certainly do offer the best results. Dont take our word for it. Check out our previous reviews and testimonials from other men and women who came to Thailand looking for a positive change. Our facilities in Phuket and Bangkok are second to none and we are widely known as one of the best in the medical travel industry. We make sure that every one of our international clients is given the best treatment from the best doctors and getting the  value and care that they deserve.

To learn more about our different plastic surgery options for men in Phuket, please contact us today

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