Nose Augmentation Surgery – Alarplasty – Open vs Closed Nose Jobs

/Nose Augmentation Surgery – Alarplasty – Open vs Closed Nose Jobs
Nose Augmentation Surgery – Alarplasty – Open vs Closed Nose Jobs 2017-09-15T10:06:20+00:00

  • Reduction rhinoplasty (Recommend 12-14 Night Stay in Phuket)
  • Alarplasty (5- 7 Nights )
  • Augmentation Rhioplasty (7 Nights)
  • Reduction and Augmentation Nose Surgery (12-14 Nights)
  • Augmentation Nose Surgery & Alarplasty (7-10 Nights)

The cost for Alarplasty (Nose Tip) starts at only $850 Dollars. To get actual prices based on your specific needs please contact us today.


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Phuket Medical strives to provide the best results at the best prices from the best doctors in Thailand. We only work with reputable and accredited cosmetic surgeons. We offer hassle-free guarantees for ALL our treatments because we believe in the quality of care here in Thailand. To get an accurate price from a Thai board licensed and rhinoplasty certified surgeon in Phuket please contact us today. Our virtual consultation is complimentary. Our virtual consultation will help you understand exactly what type of outcome that you can expect and approximately how much it will cost to be performed from a highly reliable surgeon. As with all surgeries, there is rise involved. Risk can be greatly reduced or eliminated by choosing the right doctor and facility. Our international clients expect the best and without complications or other problems during and after the surgery. To get the look you want tomorrow, please contact us today.

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