Nose Augmentation Surgery – Alarplasty – Open vs Closed Nose Jobs

/Nose Augmentation Surgery – Alarplasty – Open vs Closed Nose Jobs
Nose Augmentation Surgery – Alarplasty – Open vs Closed Nose Jobs 2017-09-15T10:06:20+00:00

Advantages of Open and Closed Rhinoplasty

With an open rhinoplasty, the surgeon usually has better access to the nose and this is suitable for complicated procedures. Open nose jobs are usually appropriate for Intricate and highly sensitive nose surgery or nose revision surgery to correct mistakes from previous injurers of surgeries to the nose. Closed rhinoplasty nose jobs allow patients to recover mush faster and produces less swelling and downtime.


Closed rhino is better suited for those with only a few nights in Phuket. Closed rhinoplasty is very common in Asian rhinoplasty and For those who want to have a quick nose job.

Benefits of Having Nose Surgery in Phuket

To better understand your needs our nose specialists in Thailand will need to see your pictures and understand your basic medical history along with information about any injuries and/or surgeries in the past. During the pre-qualification process, submitting pictures of your “Ideal Nose” is also recommended so the doctors can understand your needs and determine if the results are possible or not in a short cosmetic vacation to Phuket.


Once the doctors have reviewed the request they will be able to provide accurate details about technique (open or a close rhinoplasty), total actual cost and how much time is needed in Thailand. Each year thousands of women and men come to Thailand to have surgery. The amazingly low prices,high quality of medical care along with 100% privacy are some of the main reasons people come to Phuket for cosmetic surgery. Prices in Phuket are often 35%-55% cheaper than most cosmetic nose surgeries in Australia,UK or America. Other popular treatments include:


Nose Surgery Prices and Promotions
The cost for having nose surgery in Phuket will depend on the type of surgery you need. We currently offer the following nose surgeries in Phuket: