Breast Enlargement and Augmentation Using Bio-Safe Implants

/Breast Enlargement and Augmentation Using Bio-Safe Implants
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Surgery Safety Conditions

Before you undergo surgery, the doctors in Phuket will have to re-evaluate your condition and make sure that you are healthy. This is done to avoid any surgical risks inhering with any surgery and including breast enlargements using implants. Telling your doctor about all allergies and other relevant medical information can help us make the proper screening prior to your arrival in Thailand and especially prior to the actual surgery.


Breast Lift using Implants with Tummy Tuck

Benefits of Having Implants in Phuket

The good thing about breast implants and breast lifts is that you do not have to wait a long time to see results. After the procedure, you can already notice that big change in your breast size. During the recovery period, you will be asked to wear a support bra. Just like with any surgery light scarring may occur in the areas where the implants were inserted.  But fear not, these scars are usually temporary and will heal naturally in months following surgery. It is also important to note that breast implants are not permanent. At some point, you may have to remove or to replace the your implants based on changes to you body. The materials themselves also have guarantees some offering lifetime replacement warranties.

Breast Implant Prices and Promotions

In deciding to have breast enlargement, there are essential factors that you have to consider. Quality of doctors,hospitals,cost of treatment,privacy and recovery time are just some of the important things to keep in mind. 7 night hotel + breast implants in Phuket prices start at around $4500 dollars. We also offer breast revision surgery (implant removal and Re-Implants) and breast reduction surgery and breast lift and options as part of our mommy makeover package. To learn more,contact us today.


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